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Taxation of liquidating distributions

Each taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer's particular circumstances.

This tax liability is an obligation of the corporation for which the corporation’s shareholders generally have no personal liability, but it does nevertheless affect the shareholders inasmuch as that much less wealth accumulates in the corporation than would otherwise accumulate in the absence of the corporate tax.In the above scenario, by distributing the property to the shareholder, the XYZ Inc will recognized 3K in capital gain (8K FVM – 5K cost basis).The shareholder will recognize 2K long-term capital gain upon redemption of his stock (12K stock value (8K FMV of land 4K Cash) – 10K stocks cost basis)).The better solutions for the corporation would have been to borrow 5K to cover the balance.Posted in: Business Tax Articles This article was written by Tax Biz Pro, LLC 2018, all rights reserved ©.

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So what happens if a corporation (C Corp or S Corp) distributes property or stock other than cash to a departing shareholder?

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