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Find yourself doodling his or her name on your notebook?

Did you feel it was the best feeling in the world and never wanted it to end? Chances are, the warm feeling you just had thinking about your first love have now evaporated!

If your concerns are valid, offer your support and help your teen end the relationship.

However, the fact is, once kids approach adolescence and puberty, most become interested in dating.

If your teen’s relationship does seem unhealthy, that’s when you need to step in.

Because teens aren’t fully developed emotionally, they may sometimes not recognize signs of an unhealthy relationship — or if they do, they are unsure of how to handle it, Dr. If you see signs that the relationship is unhealthy, she suggests you talk with your teen about your concerns.

“During adolescence kids are going through a lot of changes, and part of that is developing relationships with other people and feelings in intimate relationships,” says Paula Braverman, M.

D., FAAP, an associate professor of pediatrics in the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. “Yes, it’s real and is part of the normal developmental process teens go through as they become adults,” says Dr.

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If your teenager witnesses you being abused or abusive to a partner, he or she is likely to follow in your footsteps.