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Teenage dating pictures

Girls who post provocative pictures often suffer slut shaming on- and offline.

Girls are more often targeted in cyberbullying attacks that focus on their sexuality.

And one of the easiest ways to get that validation is by looking hot. So it should come as no surprise that in this atmosphere, with the new technology available, sexting and sharing nudes have replaced other forms of intimacy.

And it’s girls—our daughters, granddaughters and nieces—who are most at risk in this online environment, which blends age-old sexism with a new notion of sexual liberation through being provocative.

Accompanying the boom in selfie culture is a rise in competitive spirit, as well as a disturbing trend of sexualization.

Likes, hearts, swipes—­validation is only a tap away.

In 1996, this seemed like a dark revelation, a national scandal. Now, parents post videos of their daughters suggestively shimmying to Taylor Swift and Nicki ­Minaj—­videos that rack up approval ratings, sometimes even media attention and ad sales.

In Boca Raton, Fla., a wealthy coastal city with a population of around 90,000, about 50 miles north of Miami, I met Julie, Maggie, Cassy and Leah, a group of 13-year-old girls—two white, two Latina—at the Town Center Mall.

Lovell reportedly texted with one of her alleged killers, 18-year-old David Eisenhauer, a Virginia Tech student, on Kik Messenger, an app known among kids as a place for the exchange of sexts and nude selfies.As the girls visited their social-­media accounts, opening their Snapchats and liking and commenting on the Instagram posts of their friends, a parade of mothers and daughters drifted past, all dressed almost identically.There were teenage girls in booty shorts and cleavage-­baring tops, and mothers wearing almost exactly the same things, except with heels and bling.“They think, Oh, how can there be anything wrong here if it’s just Snapchat or Instagram—it’s just a game.” But if this is a game, it’s unlike any other we’ve ever played. Victim isn’t a word I’d use to describe the kind of girls I’ve seen, surviving and thriving in an atmosphere that has become very hostile to them much of the time.How can this be, when girls are graduating from college in higher numbers than ever before, when they’re becoming leaders in their chosen fields in greater numbers?

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From what we hear, American girls are among the most ­privileged and successful girls in the world.