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Courses vary in length, cost and intensity, and it’s important to pick a provider that is registered with the GIBDD in your local area.Many Russian driving schools offer packages to study for both the theoretical and practical Russian driving tests.Some exceptions exist, for example, diplomatic and consular workers and their families can be exempt from requiring a Russian driving test or medical certificate.The steps involved in getting a Russian driving licence requires include: If have already passed a practical driving test in your home country and if your country has an agreement or recognised conventions with Russia, you may be exempt from driving lessons and the practical exam.In such cases, you will only need to take an electronic Russian driving exam and then exchange your foreign licence for a Russian one.

You’ll generally take your Russian driving test in the same areas that you practise in.

You will need to complete two sections to pass your Russian driving exam: on a test track, usually taken at or near your driving school, as well as on public roads.

The examiner may use trick questions or instructions, so you will need to know the correct place to drive or park.

Foreigners can drive in Russia using their licence from home for up to six months, however, all foreign drivers need to additionally carry an International Driving Permit (IDT).

An IDP is a translation of your licence into nine languages, which must accompany your national licence when driving in Russia.

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