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Obviously she'd finally given in and slept with Ben Fowler if the smug, satisfied look on his face was anything to go by. She was sobbing but moaning as the pleasure he was making her body feel began to overrule her protesting mind. She was lying on her back now, her legs wide and her tits on full display. "You're mine" he said as he pushed his dick back inside of her.Turning to his right he saw that Hazel Stone had actually fallen asleep at her corner desk and even the thought of Mrs. His thumbs circled her nipples and he squeezed down on her full breasts. He watched as, broken, she reached between her legs and started to rub her clit, desperate to cum. He watched her eyes burn with anger and then glaze with lust as she felt him hit her sweet spot.The University must be seriously desperate for staff, he thought, as he swirled the bands on his new ring. " was Jim's first reaction, closely followed by "You know you sound like you're on drugs right? And now, apparently, you have no idea how you're even doing this and think I'm on drugs. Her cry of protest was stopped by her lips and her back arched as her body tried, and failed, to get away from him. Her pussy clenched around him as he began to move inside of her. " He thrust deeply into her and saw his teachers shoulders tighten then release, a reluctant nod of the head.He watched Sally Parker frantically text Helen Newman and try to hide her phone under her desk. Her hands grasped desperately at the desk as she clung to it for support. He thrust firmly and bent forwards to take her tits in his hand. "I like you" Jim said as he let another blow fall across her other ass cheek. Spritz moaned, he could almost hear her unspoken pleas. Not wanting this to end too soon he pulled out and turned her over.

This one was worried that her daughter was being corrupted by hairy internet men. After reading through said blog he had gotten to the point of wanting to gouge his eyes out in self-defence before the answer had finally come to him. Another kid's egocentric life laid bare in front of him. If not, his clients lives became increasingly difficult to the point that paying was far easier than not. He was eighteen but looked a lot younger and had found that the more bedraggled he looked the more discount the lady behind the till gave him; although it did mean that he had to put up with being fussed over for the first five minutes after he arrived, but once he pulled out his laptop she generally got the message. Growling and hopping slightly he looked down again. Reaching down and scraping the mud away Jim saw that it was a ring and a rather nice one at that. Once he reached the café he ducked into the toilets and cleaned off the rest of the dirt.

Spritz' cleavage wasn't enough to keep the rest of the class focused apparently. Click went his ring as he found a new combination of symbols. Her head fell to the desk as she gave in and started to rock back into him. Impossibly, her pussy tightened and Jim let out a groan of pleasure himself. Now it was his hands that were working her pussy and her hands that were desperately clinging to his shoulders.

He sighed, apparently today was going to be as dull as ever. Spritz finally giving up on explaining Pi to an uninterested class and just setting them to work on their assignment in peace. "I knew you liked it." Jim said, his voice low and deep, lust coursing through him. He leant back and took his teachers ass cheeks in each of his hands. He felt her begin to buck up against him and he quickened his pace, his hand working her clit the whole time. Her pussy was clenching around him so tightly it almost hurt.

She came back five minutes later looking even redder and slightly unsteady on her feet. He couldn't think of anything else that could cause his teacher to look so uncomfortable. Looking closer he saw that her pupils were blown wide and the pink blush hadn't left her cheeks. Snorting Jim left to meet up with Sebastian and his girlfriend Kate. He imagined his hands running over her pussy and into her tight little hole. " The class had finally ended and he was at last free to go check his email, but no, Mrs. Plastering on his most patient smile he turned to her. It's interfering with my work and people are starting to ask questions that, frankly, I can't answer. It's not funny and it could potentially get me fired." "What?

She sat behind her desk and didn't make eye contact with anyone as she started to mark books. Finally the bell sounded and the class began its usual mad rush for the dinner halls. At least now he had something vaguely interesting to think about. He imagined, wherever she was right now, that she could feel his hands on her and as his orgasm hit, that she would be coming with him, knowing it was he who was sending her crashing over the edge into orgasmic oblivion. Jim sighed and looked through the fogged glass of the classroom door. Spritz's outline and he braced himself for yet another day of tedium.

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