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The vandals internet dating superstuds

Regardless, I was tickled pink when Joe, the only member of the band who has played on every single LP, agreed to a telephone interview one fine evening. I have 10 or 11 employees at various levels keeping it going. Well, generally speaking, not a whole lot of rock musicians are also bullfighters. But there are lots of bullfighters that happen to be musicians. Then a few years ago, I saw on the Internet that some guy had a bullfighting school. The best bullfighter is a guy named El Juli - when you see him, it's like seeing Tiger Woods. The only way a bull can win is if he does well, follows well, charges beautifully, never stops and will keep going and going. Did you all write your own segments for the Internet Dating Super Stars enhanced CD? Were those kids in Dave's segment in on the joke?

" Our new audience doesn't want to hear "Pat Brown"; it'd put 'em to sleep! I don't know - Bad Religion has got political lyrics, we don't have those. We've been on for an hour, so I guess I should let you get back to work. When I first read your Vandals reviews, I emailed them to everybody and said, "This is a guy that's been paying attention. It takes a long time before you grasp what is reasonable for a punk label to achieve. We're trying to say to people that we're a punk rock band and we're not trying to get on the radio. We didn't pick a slower one that we thought would be more accessible; we wanted to do a song that was representative of our album. Our new one is actually getting the biggest push that any of our records has ever had in Europe. Everybody thinks they should be selling more records. We picked that as a single because it's a good punk rock song. In Europe we don't have as many records available. The four Nitro records were distributed alright, but those are the only ones. I remember when that happened, I had kinda forgotten that it aired and the guy at Time Bomb, who our first two records are licensed to right now, called me and said, "What the hell happened? The only thing that nobody else can do but me is the video and film stuff. But I'm looking to hire more people, so the place can function completely while I'm gone. Except Tiger doesn't come close to death every time he swings the golf club. If that happens, then the audience will insist that the bull be set free, and he'll become a very valuable seed bull. An average movie fan will think it's stupid and... But people who don't care how good or bad it is - they're just so appreciative that we made a movie for punk people. He plays a roadie for No Use For A Name, so he goes around on tour with them and they abuse him. I mean, did they intentionally act like that or were they really that embarrassing? But if it REALLY wins, like if it kills the matador or injures him to where he's carried away, then the bullfight is over and another matador comes out and kills it right away. The one we're making now is like "Let's write a movie for Vandals fans." How'd you get into filmmaking anyway? Well, it's the very first movie he's ever written, and I would have loved to tell him that it sucked, but it's great. Then he falls in love with a girl in an electric wheelchair and it goes on from there.

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Tell him I'll email him after I get back from this tour. The Alkaline Trio, the Vandals - it's hard for me to know who all is in the special club of people who love Neil Hamburger. Then we'll give the audio to him, and he can release the audio on another label and not give us anything!