Thick white girls and dating

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There are plenty of open minded women out there who are willing to give Indian guys a chance. There’s not really anything you can do to change that either.

But online dating is a great way to increase your odds of finding a really great woman, whatever her ethnicity might be.

I think this is the case with humans in general but what I am getting at is if you struggled to finish high school and never went to college, hitting on a grad student of any race, especially white, is not the best idea unless you are after more than love.

A lot of people would rather stick to what they know and more power to them.

African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, White too.It’s merely my personal observations shaped by my experiences.And at the end of the day, whether or not I believe anything I listed above, I just find women of other races to be very attractive period.This may not sound nice but it is true, white guys like slim women.Not just a healthy size 8 or 10 but a nice slender 4 or even 2 is nice, 6 works but not nearly as well as a 4. My girlfriends and I have often joked about knowing when you've lost or gained weight.

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I think that society is starting to recognize that you don’t have to be white to be beautiful, and I am a firm believer in this.

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