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Clicking the plus button will pull down the following: At this point, you can write an update, give it a date in the past, and below the status update, three icons appear- a tiny clock which allows you to change the date from today, a tiny person which lets you tag other Facebook users in the old update, and a map marker which lets you tag the status update took place.In the picture above, I was adding a silly update just for demonstrative purposes, but we suggest that this is an opportunity to add some meaningful updates from your past that give people a better idea of who you are and allow you to add pictures to past events.I think it may be a problem with the way I obtain the unix timestamp. I am writing on the timeline of a test user created at "created_time": "2013-03-05T 0000".

Audio and Video posts currently do not have this backdating option.

Shortly after my year anniversary came around, I set up a meeting to discuss the promotion and we started rewriting my job description, etc.

My boss’s boss okayed the promotion, and she got verbal approval from HR.

The options are endless, but adding only the most major milestones and not adding pointless information like what year you lost all of your teeth.

Many professionals let clients into their personal Facebook network, so it could be a good use of a weekend afternoon tinkering with your Facebook page.

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I sent her an email in May asking for an update and if there’s anything that she needs from me. I just sent her another email reminder (two months later) and got the same response. Normally, I’d start looking for another job, but I’m pregnant and I need the maternity leave.

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