Toshiba portege updating drivers

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Windows 7 is supposed to understand AF drives, and correctly aligns partitions. I was already running SP1, so it should have been OK.Microsoft explanation and hotfix link: An update that improves the compatibility of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with Advanced Format Disks is available On my Think Pad T400, the hotfix just errored out with no additional information.All these power adapter will fit perfectly into the jack from Radio Shack. On the picture below you see plastic supports removed. Again, using the pocket knife remove the plastic wall surrounding the mounting hole. It happens because one of the speakers (in Satellite L305D) is located very close to the DC jack. You can cut off part of the long “-” lead or simply bent it as I did.After it’s done coat both leads with generous amount of solder. Remove the damaged DC jack from the case and cut off wires somewhere close to the jack base. Again, the red wire is soldered to the lead in the center and the black on to the lead on the side.I started covering this problem in one of the previous posts. You can order this jack online or pick it up in a local store. If you do something wrong, you can damage the computer.

Things seem to be working, but Windows Update fails.

The error popup says that the service isn’t running but task manager says that it is.

You’ve just been bitten by the new Advanced Format (4k-byte sector) hard drives.

Pick the latest result that matches your operating system.

Today I explain how to repair damaged power connector also known as power jack in Toshiba Satellite L305 and L355 laptops.

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The AF drives can cause problems with performance if their partitions aren’t correctly aligned, especially when running Windows XP.