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sauvage is ur typical teenager fragrance, super synthetic... women absolutely love this, one of my most complimented fragrances and literally nobody talks about this fragrance?Lmao fine with me, girls constantly compliment me on this and it lasts ALL DAY...This smells soooooo much better and more masculine...I sprayed this one day on the fly in the mall and was getting whiffs of it throughout the day and was just like “damn this smells so good?! instantly, kindle thought it smelled a little like Aventus at first BARRRRELY...As with most "singular accord" scents, they really need to be smelled to be understood. I'll admit I went off this for a while using it every now and then, but have now got right back into it again.

the sillage on this is really good too, fills the room, lingers around, smells super good in the air I mean I honestly don’t understand how 200 ppl say this smells like sauvage?

Luna Rossa Carbon started out with a gently sweet, bright and FRESH smell. Imagine this: you are done with your great work out routine and continue your day with fresh sweat.

And THAT was the kind of "freshness" that I meant above.

I am amazed by how many people say this smells like Sauvage. I guess people read/smell ambroxan and immediately (and perhaps unconsciously) compare it to Sauvage. Prada Carbon is one fragrance where it's probably best not to make up your mind based on what's read here. Of course I was reminded of a certain cologne, I’ll let you guess what that was. Carbon smells like a futuristic, super-clean, sleek, industrial shaving cream. If Rive Gauche smells like shaving cream made for the hippies on the Left Bank then Carbon smells like shaving cream made for the Men in Black.

In the background you can detect some similarities, but you have to be really biased to immediately think of Sauvage when first sniffing this. after 6 months wearing this at office, i changed my mind and decided to not buy another bottle. You really should "try it out" to know for certain if it's truly best for YOU. To add the comparisons are true, the question is which is better? In the note pyramid for Carbon I see things like 'metallic notes' and 'coal' and a big hunk of 'ambroxan.' While I don't pick up on these notes individually, collectively they're very much there, and they're exactly why Carbon ends up smelling like some bizarre foam from the future.

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