Turning casual dating into relationship

Posted by / 15-Aug-2020 20:26

Turning casual dating into relationship

When you’re in a relationship, it isn’t just about you anymore.

Your choices, your actions, your behavior, your tone of voice, your mood, and so forth all affect someone else (and vice versa).

Sometimes, you just need to suck it up and say, “I’m sorry we fought” or “I’m sorry you were hurt.” Maybe you think he is being irrational and you don’t think he’s justified in feeling the way he’s feeling, and maybe you’re right, but it doesn’t matter who’s right.A relationship is a partnership, and having a partner is amazing in many ways, but it also means there is someone else in the picture who matters.And like you, he also comes with a fair amount of baggage, issues, unresolved pain from the past, etc.It’s important to realize that even the most compatible couple will sometimes disagree, and these disagreements can escalate into arguments and full-fledged fights.Your goal shouldn’t be to never fight; it should be to fight better.

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This point picks up where I left off in the first reality check.