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He turns out to know some things about managing a label.

He helps singer/actress Alex Dupre with her record.

He also agrees to help Dan and Julian save Nathan, who was kidnapped.

He, under Dan's instructions, kills one of the kidnappers and creates a distraction, allowing Dan to get into the abandoned warehouse where Nathan was being held.

He was approached by Peyton Sawyer to sing at the Tric Club, but refused to sing when he saw people weren't listening, prompting Haley James Scott to sing instead.

He then began a partnership with Haley to give her an opportunity to realize her dream and become a singer.

To promote the tour, the two were mistaken for a couple, which pleased Chris, but angered both Haley and Nathan Scott.

Nathan visited Haley on tour to mend any broken hearts and feelings, only to discover she wasn't wearing her wedding band.

Chris wasn't well liked by many of his peers such as Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott and Brooke Davis due to his arrogance and his way of interfering in their lives.Chris Keller's tour bus appears and helps the group make it to Texas to help Mouth, who is in jail.On the bus, Chris flirts with Haley and then proceeds to call her "plump" to which she replies with "I'm pregnant you idiot".They become closer and closer and even kissed but Haley eventually turned him down when he asked her to go on a tour with him, as she wanted to save her marriage.He later came back, along with The Wreckers at Tric and asked Haley again, this time she agreed.

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He feels guilty, but continues to hook up with her until Chris finds out.

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