Ugly millionaire dating

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Ugly millionaire dating

Every man I had met in the past five years had a headshot, a demo reel or a guitar in the back of his car, none of which were making them any money.Clearly I needed help breaking this habit."So go find a man with a job." Langston was looking at his drink. ""Because marriage for social advancement is destined to lead to a life of happiness?Instead, the millionaire pays a fee to cover both himself and the prospective date."While Judy declined to specify the exact amount, she did say it is in the "thousands" of dollars.According to Judy, the millionaires-who do not have to be actual millionaires, but still have to show documentation of their personal assets so Judy can decide whether they're rich enough-are all in their 40s or above.There are millionaires in this world who are perfectly nice." I took a sip of coffee as punctuation."But do those millionaires sign up for the Gay Millionaires Club? You're going to go out with a man actually looking for someone only interested in his money?""That's not what this is.""That's what it sounds like.

You're not looking at an ad for the Gay Good Personalities Club.""This is Los Angeles," I said.

" turned into "What do you think your biggest flaw is?

" and "Why did your last relationship come to an end? " were then followed by the always-fun "Are you a top, bottom or versatile?

I returned to Judy's office, where I found her muttering absently as she frowned at the gadget in her hands.

She just purchased a new digital camera, and after three days of photographing potential candidates for her millionaires to meet, she was working on faith that it actually saved the pictures she took. Steve is a 45-year-old "businessman," living in LA's South Bay region, where he has lived for the past 20 years.

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A slightly disheveled-looking redheaded woman flew into the waiting room. " She said it like it was a command, as if she had just instructed me to be myself. "Hi, it's nice to meet you." I stuck out a sweaty palm. Her hot-rollered red hair fell loosely down to her shoulders, and the only makeup she seemed to wear was the lipstick on her smiling lips."The Gay Millionaires Club is a service for affluent, successful men of a certain status in life," she explained, "interested in meeting a more exclusive clientele than what is usually provided in dating services.

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