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Updating a row in sql using php

To reiterate, you must have: If you’re following along directly from part one, you will have all the code you need to start ready and functioning.If you did the tutorial a while ago and need to get everything set up again, it’s all available and up to date in this Git Hub repository.Go ahead and get everything set up and working from the place we left off, and then we can continue. One note, I’ll be using the URL instead of the I used the first time around, as domains are no longer available locally in Chrome. But, step 2, 3 is not required for deleting multiple rows.Instead, we can show a Javascript popup to ask for confirmation of delete.We are going to take similar example seen in PHP CRUD article.From that example, let us take list_and edit_and continue with the list of steps stated above.

We can get selected checkbox values via j Query AJAX post or by accessing the form from PHP after page refresh.

This code assumes you are connected to a My SQL database which has a table with Names and Emails.

The idea is that it will output a table of every single value from that table, as text inputs.

But now, we should show multiple tiles, since we are updating multiple users at a time.

For that, we need to make two main changes with the edit_user.php, we have seen in PHP CRUD. So, on submitting this multiple user information, an array of user information for each user, will be passed to PHP code.

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