Updating bios on acer 5100 3959

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Updating bios on acer 5100 3959

By the way, these are generating normal keyboard scan codes(never got around to set them up under slackware).Panel brightness and fan control dont work under edgy either. laptop compaq evo n800v dapper xubuntu acpi: fan never turns off completely. (Workaround: make machine work until fan turn to "full noise speed" ;-), then kill the process, wait - fan turns off) palm-sync with gnome-pilot does not work reliably.

:m)ASUS MOTHERBOARD M2N4-SLI - MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC. 2)Hardware Maker: Ralink 3)Hardware Model: Unknown 4)Known Issue: I can't find this card in the lspci output but i do find it in "Device manager" * look at the screenshoot.Battery gage and function(fn) buttons don't work at all other than the screen darken ing and lightening one.1)Type Of Hardware: Built-in Webcam/Mic on Dell XPS M1210 2)Hardware Maker: Logitech 3)Hardware Model: Logitech Quick-Cam for Dell Notebooks 4)Known Issue: built-in mic refuses to function even after adding options snd-hda-intel model=ref to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.1)Type Of Hardware: Dell XPS M1210 2)Hardware Maker: Dell 3)Hardware Model: XPS M1210 4)Known Issues: a) Computer does not automatically go into standby mode when lid is closed, i.e. If computer is left in stand by mode more than 1 hour, will not wake from stand by and must be powered down and rebooted. When fn up/down cursor is pressed, GDM immediately halts and restarts.On the same laptop, under edgy, the loudspeaker-volume-keys are recognized.Logitech Bluetooth Desktop MX5000 (combination keyboard&mouse) is partially incompatible.It will work in legacy HID mode, but then all other bluetooth functionality (pairing with bluetooth phone) is disabled.

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You can get the dongle in HCI mode, but then the keyboard and mouse stop working.