Updating bios on vista

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Search for your particular computer model and you should see a section called Drivers and Downloads or something similar. Always read the release notes or details to see what is actually being updated.

You can click View details on Dell’s website to see this information.

There’s also a fix for a Realtek LAN card, but only if you disable it.

Lastly, it has some VBIOS and GOP driver updates, which Intel says you only need to update if you are having graphics issues.

" That being said, the primary reason for this post was to suggest that, should you need to update the BIOS, it's best to do it in small steps.

This means going 2 or 3 versions above your current version and installing that, then going another 2 or 3 versions and installing that...just keep on going in this manner until you get to the latest version. - John (my website: )**If you need a more detailed explanation, please ask for it. ** If I haven't replied in 48 hours, please send me a message.

My browser caused a flood of traffic, sio my IP address was banned. My eye problems have recently increased and I'm having difficult reading posts.

If that's the case and help is needed, please PM a staff member for assistance.

Of course, you may need to Google some of the technical terms in order to understand what they are talking about.

Check the version and date of the BIOS listed on the website and compare it to the one on your system.

As you can see, this update fixes some USB keyboard/mouse issue and upgrades e PSA to the latest version. Well, if you don’t have any keyboard or mouse issue and no other problem with your system, it’s probably not necessary.

For custom built PCs, you will need to visit the motherboard manufacturer website and download the drivers from there. It also gives you a description of what the update includes.

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Now that I’ve explained the reasons for and against updating your BIOS, let’s talk about how to figure out whether there is an update for your BIOS.

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