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For example, to retrieve all the entries that contain a percent sign, just use the percent sign as any other character: method is applied instantly and returns the number of rows matched by the query (which may not be equal to the number of rows updated if some rows already have the new value).

The only restriction on the to update one field based on the value of another field in the model.

A datetime value is always stored in a binary form.

You can do some formattinig when you select the data.

-- David Portas SQL Server MVP -- DATETIME / SMALLDATETIME columns always contain both date and time.

Use the format 'YYYYMMDD' (no spaces) to define the date value. For example: UPDATE Your Table SET date_col = '20041122' WHERE ...

You can format the value without the time for display and printing purposes.

(Behind the scenes, this functionality is implemented by Python descriptors.

This shouldn’t really matter to you, but we point it out here for the curious.) Django also creates API accessors for the “other” side of the relationship – the link from the related model to the model that defines the relationship.

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Django provides act as a reference to a model field within a query.

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