Updating dell bios ubuntu 9 10

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According to Ubuntu Wiki Dell has discontinued support for Linux. How to upgrade the BIOS then when all of the files are now distributed as a Windows executables?

Fortunately, before trying any of not so easily looking solutions on the Ubuntu Wiki I have found out some other way to do it.

The “trick” seems to be that you have to use an x86 Win PE OS architecture build, rather than a x64 Win PE flavor. If you already have a working Win PE build and want to confirm (maybe you didn’t build it yourself) just run the following command in your loaded Win PE environment from a command prompt: Sadly, the Dell LTI bootable flash drive I had was running a x64 version.

Luckily I still had one of my trusty custom Win PE CD disks I built a long time ago and I had built it using the x86 package so I was set.

Short post shorter, after a recent hardware change, issues were encountered on a Dell system until the BIOS was updated.

I’ve been seeing an increased pattern of issues after hardware is replaced or upgraded on Dell systems. Unfortunately, Dell seems to only be offering BIOS update files for most systems via an EXE deployment solution.

So here is what I did to flash the Dell BIOS with no loaded HDD: Done!

It was announced at official Direct2Dell blog by Matt Domsch.We can see in the Dell support site that there is a new bios update version, but the files are not in the format we need…We first need to find out the released on 4/10/2007 that brings some significant improvements.I always hoped that there will be some a solution for Debian also.And the solution exists, and I will exemplify it bellow by updating the bios of a Dell Power Edge SC1435 system.

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In a nutshell to get new BIOS installed while you’re running Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty, 7.10 Gutsy, or Hardy just enable Universe repository in (System - The first command enables Dell’s Ubuntu repository as well as downloads and installs GPG key for this repository.

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