Updating from window 98 to xp

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Automates and customizes Procomm functions with over 500 commands available to control any communications task Automates logons by recording system prompts and responses, generating an ASPECT script to use in future sessions Automates Telnet of FTP tasks Includes built-in script editor, script compiler and debugger On-line Help provides a working example for each scripting command Connection Directory Automates connections with one click Consistent interface across all functions ensures ease-of-use Stores and manages all your connection information including telephone numbers, Internet addresses and system settings Logon scripts automatically connect you to mini and mainframe applications Road Trip feature automatically adjusts your Connection Directory settings for all outbound calls according to your current location's area code Lets you define "dialing queues" for any group of connections, or enter alternate telephone numbers.More Reliable Connections for Fast, Accurate Communications.Many ways to receive files with Procomm Plus include automatic "crash recovery" to ensure dependable, efficient file transfers with 100% data integrity. That's more than most other communications software on the market, and they even work with Telnet. Enjoy simple Internet FTP connections with point-and-click ease.Virus protection Protect your system with Symantec's exclusive award-winning virus scanning during file transfers. SSL and SST security protects your WEB information.Procomm Plus 4.8 delivers the new standard in remote connectivity by providing enhanced reliability during terminal emulation and file transfers, full support for Windows 2000 in addition to Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0, built-in virus scanning during transfers and more. More reliable connections for fast, accurate communications.Get quick, convenient access to the information you need most. Fax With Procomm Plus, you no longer have to switch from a terminal program to a fax program to keep working.Repetitive tasks can be automated to save time and minimize errors.Add your own Action Bar for frequently used commands, change screen colors, change fonts, or even configure the keyboard.

News Reader retrieves, automatically assembles and decodes binary file attachments.Print from a remote host using a variety of print options, or even set up an unattended host system.The possibilities are endless because you've got a reliable connection!Telnet supports all 36 terminal emulations and 11 file transfer protocols.Scripting ASPECT script language is easy enough for non-technical users, powerful enough for custom application programs.

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Includes free electronic ASPECT manual and sample scripts for easy customizing so you can automate routine tasks to save time.