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Other than that, the sounds are actually pretty basic, and as I mentioned, there are quite a few UI widgets with no associated sounds. There is plenty of racial cusomization and you are not forced to just play humans.

Also, you can create your own race from scratch, which is an ability I loved in MOO II.

This is really what I wished MOO III was going to be like. The days of 10 different ship graphics for your entire fleet are gone--way gone. Planetary combat is actually pretty cheezy looking, but in a good way The tech tree representation also looks very cool.I played yesterday for a few hours and I must say it is really fun.Game devs need to realize that (atleast for me) to make a game look good, you don't actually have to do all that much.You see the (rather large) tree and can scroll around it such that the background image scrolls at a different speed giving a nice visual effect.Sound: (6/10)I got annoyed with the background music quickly and turned it off. I don't understand what the heck is going on, but I can tell this game has plenty of depth and will entertain 4X fans for quite some time.

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1up is running a piece entitled Digital Delivery, which looks at alternate distribution models for new titles in the here-and-now of fast download speeds.

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