Updating gmail

Posted by / 17-Jan-2020 11:05

Updating gmail

Jason Cornwell, a user experience designer for Google, says the following in the video: The video revealed that the new features include: high definition themes, automatic resizing based on browser size, revamped email thread display, redesigned conversations, and advanced search features.The video showed a selection of “high-definition themes,” which will allow users to customize the appearance of Gmail using high definition imagery.Email snoozing is now a common feature among third-party email clients, and Google has done the obvious thing by integrating it directly into Gmail.It works nicely with a new hover menu that surfaces the most common interactions you might want with an email — archive, delete, mark as read, or snooze for later — as you place your cursor above each message in your inbox.Two-factor authentication (2FA) on a per-message basis is also being added in under the umbrella of confidential mode.

You’re basically handing out a time-limited access license.The new version of the conversation view, which looks quite similar to Facebook Messages, displays profile photos of each person in the conversation and will be easier to read.Currently, users have to manually type out advanced search operators or click the “show search options” link to use the advanced search feature.Alas, as big a change as confidential mode and its ancillary IRM and 2FA facets are for the new Gmail, it seems like they won’t be ready straight away, with Google promising we’ll be able to start using the secure mode “in the coming weeks.” Google is also touting some of the results of a behind-the-scenes security redesign focused on preventing phishing scams.“We’ve increased our investment in phishing protection dramatically,” says Bank, explaining that Google’s machine-learning algorithms are running safety checks on every new message received.

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It makes Gmail on the web look and feel a lot more like an app, though there’s no word as to whether the change might also show up in the mobile Gmail apps.