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Updating openoffice org

I wonder when people will stop fussing about Trump, and start doing something about those who did not remove him from the White House. -------------- And now for some less complex, and certainly more enjoyable matters... Re-size your browser window so it is as wide as you want it. Hold down the control key ("ctrl") and press the plus sign, the minus sign, or zero to change the size of the text in Firefox and other good browsers. No "sugar", not a log of flashy graphics or page layout... There must be SOME people left who aren't afraid to "work" their way to the expansion of their knowledge?

I wonder when the world's international relations will be half way back to the already poor place they were before the USA became deranged. This and another good hint explained on my Power Browsing page! If so, you are advised to start with the tutorials in this section. In this whirlwind tour, you create a little table, run a simple report. Also mention it in any relevant forum you visit, please?

Creating the uproar over the tearing apart of defenseless refugees is pretty clever: If that doesn't soak up vast amounts of energy amongst the people who are anti-Trump, nothing will. Which isn't to say the human rights abuses aren't serious. If you don't need it, you should be able to read it quickly. and the organization of my tutorials about them is imperfect, so I've created a "guide to the guides", which is what the link takes you to! It aims to help kids (or adults who missed out in school!

(And don't be fooled by the "U-turn" of about 21 June.) The other things that are going on, though less dramatic, are going to be... I wonder where the Nuremberg trials for the people who followed orders will be held. and the rest of your screen will be free for your oo Base exercises! ) interested in science know what the questions are, to attain a "basic framework" of knowledge, on which they can build a good understanding.

List Boxes and Combo Boxes: Further aids to keeping your tables free of bad data.

Referential Integrity, Multi-table Forms and Queries, Using Relationships These are important concepts...

(In my case, that is 60 miles from where I live, at the moment.) This comes to me as a free service from Then, at the cost of a LITTLE macro, we improve on that solution. (Give upgrading serious consideration, if you are still using something from before 3.1.If you know how to insert HTML into your own web pages, it is easily added. Which you will, after reading this somewhat unusual (for the tutorials on this site) tutorial. I won't promise that nothing involving a macro will appear anywhere else, but I will try to keep most things involving macros here. for the fact that I timed my adventure badly.) With oo Base 3.1 you can store macros within a given database's file. I've done several Open Office upgrades over the years, under Windows, without regrets..(Please do not include the code for the Revolver Map in translations of this page.) A "simple" report: Selected records, and arranging for them to be sorted: A straightforward requirement. (In this one, I do less reader hand-holding than usual.) We will put together a tiny database (Two fields, six records.) Select a few records from it with a query. with datasheets: A form with a datasheet listing first names. When you have done that, a second datasheet on the form displays everyone with that first name in your "People" table. I sweated blood to become familiar with doing macros, and overcoming some (old) limitations "at the (previous) frontier" of oo Base. but take the usual precautions.) (For images in reports, you also need the Oracle Report Builder, previously known as the Sun Report Builder, or SRB. So far I can get a form to display images held in the database and images which only have the path to them stored in the database. Read this short note to learn that you can change the form's design, after all. Brief notes on how smoothly the mechanism built into Open Office 2.x worked for me when I upgraded a Windows machine to Open Office version 3.0.0.You add a record for each sale, and you get two reports...

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Even if you aren't interested in that, it might be worth skimming through the tutorial for some of the general points on form design which it contains.