Updating optical disk storage

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Updating optical disk storage

DRAM and NOR, and how the NAND flash shortage affects SSD supply and pricing.

Optical disc offers a number of advantages over magnetic storage media. The greater control and focus possible with laser beams (in comparison to tiny magnetic heads) means that more data can be written into a smaller space.

This is how media like CDs, DVDs, and BDs are inserted into and removed from the drive.

The sides of the optical drive have pre-drilled, threaded holes for easy mounting in the 5.25-inch drive bay in the computer case.

Most optical drives also have jumper settings on the back end that define how the motherboard is to recognize the drive when more than one is present.

These settings vary from drive to drive, so check with your optical drive manufacturer for details.

Look no further than this guide for your NAND flash memory essentials.

Your copy includes an in-depth breakdown of SLC, MLC and TLC NAND, a performance and cost comparison of NAND vs.

Emerging standards, such as Blu-ray, offer up to 27 gigabytes (GB) on a single-sided 12-centimeter disc.

The "R" in these formats means "recordable" and the "RW" means "rewritable." For example, DVD-R discs can be written to just once, after which the data on them cannot be changed, only read.

DVD-RW is similar but since it's a rewritable format, you can erase the contents and write new information to it at a later time, as often as you'd like.

DVD ripping software is useful if you need to back up your DVDs to your computer.

Unfortunately, this type of setup isn't ideal for long-term, and you may not even have access to another computer that has a disc drive.

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