Updating porch column

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Updating porch column

Also known as porticos when supported by columns, these covered entrances were sometimes designed to respect classical order and details, especially on more stylish buildings.

This Preservation Brief provides guidance for the everyday care of wood porches on older buildings.

Alter or remove the porch and a historic building or streetscape can lose its visual integrity and historic authenticity (Figure 1). Distinctive yet different, these front porches are important features along the street.

The rhythm would be diminished if the front porch from one of the houses was dramatically altered or removed. Functionally, a porch protects an entrance from the weather.

Recommendations are provided for work that may require professional assistance.

Although the Brief primarily addresses residential buildings, much of the information can be applied to wood porches on any structure.

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In both the North and the South, formal colonnades with tall columns dressed in classical orders were sometimes added to help dignify public buildings, hotels, and mansions.

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