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After doing this, delete the USER_AI folder, and create a new folder called USER_AI in the same location, and reinstall the AI.You deleted the contents of the AI folder - you are only supposed to delete the contents of the USER_AI folder.Using the Value Added Service, you can transfer characters between different game accounts under the same Warp Portal account.Characters being moved to an account of the opposite gender will be gender-changed, including Dancer/Bard types.There is a possibility that this is a bot; a program used by players to automate leveling or other activities.

By default, Azzy AI will assume any stationary monster which has not been seen attacking is an herb plant which it should not waste time attacking. Try to set up in an area where lots of Zenorcs run back and forth between other alchemists.Either you forgot /hoai or /merai (note that you must resummon homun or relog after entering that command), or the AI is installed improperly.The most frequent mistake is leaving the files in the Azzy AI folder, inside of USER_AI.A good connection between client and server depends on the internet service provider (ISP). Frequently, lag problems are caused by problems with servers between the user and the Ragnarok Online server.Use of programs such as Tracert can help in determining what the source of the lag is.

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If you are updating to a new major version, these settings cannot be retained.