Updating the behavior engineering model who is ozzie smith dating

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Updating the behavior engineering model

The results of the simulations indicate the efficiency and applicability of the presented manual tuning method for updating the finite element model of cable-stayed bridges.

The new aspects regarding effective material and structural parameters and model tuning procedure presented in this paper will be useful for analyzing and model updating of cable-stayed bridges.

Most of the previous sensitivity-based model tuning methods are automatic iterative processes; however, the results of recent studies show that the most reasonable results are achievable by applying the manual methods to update the analytical model of cable-stayed bridges.

This paper presents a model updating algorithm for highly redundant cable-stayed bridges that can be used as an iterative manual procedure.

Although most of the proposed tuning methods are automatic processes, the reasonable approximations obtained by manual methods (i.e., engineering judgment) are required to obtain the best results.

Daniell and Macdonald [18] successfully applied manual tuning to a 3D FE model of one balanced cantilever section of the Second Severn Crossing (SSC) cable-stayed bridge, using data measured from ambient vibration tests during its construction.

The tuning procedure requires correct selection of updating parameters and reference responses to obtain the best match between FE and measured results.

The following parameters The choice of sensitive parameters from the mentioned updating parameters is the most important aspect of the process, which requires wise engineering insights.

The preference for the proposed method over other model updating methods results from the possibility of using manual tuning to obtain the most reasonable results.The updating parameters are selected through the sensitivity analysis which helps to better understand the structural behavior of the bridge.The finite element model of Tatara Bridge is considered for the numerical studies.In recent years, many experimental and analytical investigations have studied effective factors on the dynamic behavior of cable-stayed bridges, such as natural periods, mode shapes, and damping properties [1–5].The sensitivity analysis is a promising way to provide a tuned analytical model and assess the actual dynamic characteristics of superstructures such as cable-stayed bridges.

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Benedettini and Gentile [19] investigated the sensitivity of the natural frequencies to changes in uncertain parameters of a cable-stayed bridge in Italy with a 70 m main span through a manual sensitivity analysis.

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