Updating the database azd dating web page

Posted by / 06-Feb-2020 16:38

I ran debug to verify that the hold object "this Hold" is updating the values that are being changed in the form. But when I view the values of the db object after the submit happens, I see it is unchanged, same in the physical database.

With any update to the Program Version (x), or major version (y), there is also an update to the underlying Database. If the database "lives" on the same machine as the Food Processor program itself, the installation of the update itself should update the database automatically.

The Nu Get Package Manager displays the dependency information for each package.

When installing a package, the dependent packages are also installed.

All updates are cumulative meaning that the latest update always include previous updates.

When new updates are released, the affected packages are listed on Episerver World.

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The above linked documents for either method also include the set of scripts needed.