Updating xp to vista

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When the site server is initially installed, the latest version of the Windows Update Agent is downloaded, and when the client computers are installed, the agent is upgraded automatically to version 3.0, if required.

If the upgrade fails during the client installation, the installation is not attempted again and the Windows Update Agent must be upgraded using another method.

Original title : Help upgrading from XP to Win8 I have been told four times now by different Microsoft Support agents (2 online, 2 by phone) that an upgrade path exists between Windows XP and Windows 8 using the downloadable software upgrade. I have a new hard drive, a product key/license for Windows 8 (with no installation media, ONLY the downloadable upgrade), and product key/license/installation media for both Win XP and XP x64. BOTH the WIndows 8 Upgrade, and the Upgrade Assistant fail to run, returning the error "Platform not supported." Support has told me I need to run Windows Update to make sure I have the latest Service Packs (etc). Then they told me I need Service Pack 3--but XP x64 does not have a Service Pack 3.

I have asked if this means I need to reinstall XP (32), upgrade to SP 3, and then upgrade to Win8 (but this seems even less likely if I cannot upgrade from x64).

It is really a device doctor for your windows system.

As a professional team only focused on the drivers programs, driverdr add millions of new drivers to archive, also including the latest Windows 10 drivers. It provides the huge drivers database for you to download, and the newest drivers are added daily.

If Microsoft release cumulative update KB00004 which basically packed KB00001, KB00002, and KB0003 together, after you install cumulative update KB00004 you wouldn't need to install previously released KB00001, KB00002, or KB00003 anymore".

The former expands the core service to include other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Expression Studio.

The latter is available to business editions of Windows 10 and permits postponing updates or receiving updates only after they have undergone rigorous testing.

The first version of the web app, version 3, does not send any personally-identifiable information to Microsoft.

Instead, the app downloads a full list of every available update and chooses which one to download and install.

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Microsoft attributed the sales success of Windows 98 in part to Windows Update.

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