Updating your nim image

Posted by / 04-Jan-2020 00:07

A VIOS can be installed using NIM, however, specific steps need to be taken when setting up the VIOS NIM environment: You can now use bos_inst to perform a mksysb install once the partition profile is defined, as explained here.

A good strategy for updates starts with updating the Hardware Management Console (HMC), then the firmware, the VIOS and the LPARs.

# oslevel -sq Known Service Packs ------------------- 6100- 6100- # oslevel -s -l 6100- Fileset Actual Level Service Pack Level ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- bos.alt_disk_install.boot_images utf.

# nimclient -o cust -a lpp_source=7100-_lppsrc -a installp_flags=ag XYv -a fixes=update_all BEGIN: Fri Jun 15 201514234212 Command line is: /usr/sbin/installp -u -e /var/adm/ras/nim.installp -b -f \ /tmp/.workdir.3735634.3670138_1/.genlib.3670138 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-deinstall Verification...

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- done WARNINGS -------- Problems described in this section are not likely to be the source of any immediate or serious failures, but further actions may be necessary or desired.

Now set the bootlist after running bosboot: Now, it’s time to reboot.

Once both VIO servers are complete—and if all is well—run another backup.

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