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That’s when Dickey sent a warning letter to USA Gymnastics.

Dickey’s letter, received by USA Gymnastics on Oct.

Steve Penny, the organization’s president, declined to be interviewed, citing privacy issues of those involved and the ongoing lawsuit in the Mc Cabe case.

But he released this statement: “USA Gymnastics has a long and proactive history of developing policy to protect its athletes and will remain diligent in evaluating new and best practices which should be implemented.

Featuring mobile chat rooms as well, helps you find and connect with single women and men throughout the globe.I will add your letter to the file in the event we receive the letter and an investigation is commenced.”By then, Jan Giunipero, then-owner of the Tallahassee gym, had sent USA Gymnastics a fax after Mc Cabe resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment involving females at the gym. 20, 1998, included six pages of allegations against Mc Cabe with names and contact information for other gyms that had fired him or that he had left under questionable circumstances.So Giunipero wrote two more letters urging USA Gymnastics to take action.“I literally felt sick to my stomach to think he would even be touching these girls,” she wrote. If there is any other incident similar in nature, who is to blame? Mc Cabe or USA Gymnastics who knew about him and did nothing?Other times, it didn’t investigate complaints that appeared to meet its requirements.Athans said he wished it were possible to further clarify the organization’s policies, but officials are limited because of the Mc Cabe litigation.

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Mc Cabe was suspected of preying on young gymnasts as early as 1996, when he was fired from Gymnastic World in Cape Coral, Florida, by the gym’s owner, Dan Dickey.

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