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Utah penal code dating

It advances this argument by considering the impli­cations of the court’s ruling for a wide variety of actors in the consumer-credit space. A clearing-house association is an institution that facilitates clearing and settlement services. See generally Hackley, Our Baffling Banking System, supra note 8 (discussing the history of the National Banking Act); Jonathan L. It also indirectly levied fines on state banks that failed to convert to national banks.

2013) (holding a Virginia law granting state banks, but not national banks without principal offices in Virginia, the power to serve as trustees of security trusts was preempted by the NBA, on grounds of conflict preemption), cert.

to exercise certain powers over operating subsidiaries of a national bank”).

2011) (stating the OCC’s “regulatory authority, which carries the same weight as federal statutes, includes interpretation of state law preemption under the NBA”), cert.

2011) (holding regulations promulgated by the OCC pursuant to the NBA preempted Florida regulation on the ground that a clear conflict existed and “Congress clearly intended that the OCC be empowered to regulate banking and banking-related activities”), cert.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, 640 F.3d 1194, 1198 (11th Cir. 2010) (“OCC regulations possess the same preemptive effect as the [NBA] itself.”); see also Fidelity Fed.

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as the agreement governing the plan provides or as established in the manner provided in the agreement governing the plan.”); see also Alaska Stat. 2016) (exempting small industrial loans from usury claims); Iowa Code Ann. 2016) (exempting loans for real property, business, or agricultural loans from usury claims).