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Utopia funds liquidating

If a fund is sold outright, the fund distributes the proceeds to its fund shareholders.

If a fund is merged with another fund, the fund assigns new shares to its shareholders based on the relative figures of the net asset value of the two funds.

As more fund shareholders withdraw money from the fund, the fund's asset base comes down smaller and smaller, which directly affects the amount of fund fees charged as a percentage of the total assets by fund management.

Without enough management fees to cover fund expenses, fund operations would not be profitable, and fund liquidation becomes the only option.

A fund merger prevents the selling of the entire fund holdings on the open market, and better preserves the fund value for fund shareholders.

Did the foundation have excess business holdings in this year as a result of (1) any purchase by the foundation or disqualified persons after May 26, 1969; (2) the lapse of the 5-year period (or longer period approved by the Commissioner under section 4943(c)(7)) to dispose of holdings acquired by gift or bequest; or (3) the lapse of the 10-, 15-, or 20-year first phase holding period?

Did the foundation make any investment in a prior year (but after December 31, 1969) that could jeopardize its charitable purpose that had not been removed from jeopardy before the first day of the tax year beginning in this year?

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Utopia is one of only four mutual fund firms operating in Michigan. Sutherland said the reality of the new Michigan tax was the final straw, because it makes the funds non-economic to manage. The $31 million Utopia Core Fund (UTCRX), which is also in the World Allocation category, is down 47.2% this year.