Validating files stuck at 100

Posted by / 04-Mar-2020 17:30

To do this is very straight forward and covered in a previous article, however this one was stubborn.With the database offline I had copied the data to a new disk and verified it matched.I moved another Storage Group to ensure I was not insane and it went right away.Solution: Remove log files from source and destination if you copied the whole folder.Are there things that I can do to fix this problem? David property on the package and control flow tasks to True.So that the package doesn't validate all the tasks every time I open it.

A user's Outlook 2010 program when it is opened will take over an hour to go through Verifying Data Integrity.

When it does reach 100%, The program will open for a second and then start the Verifying Data Integrity over. Now allow Outlook to remake its OST file (may take a while).

We have tried using to scan the pst files and repair any damaged it found, run a repair on the Office Suite, open Outlook in Safe Mode, and with Outlook /cleanrules but it will not go beyond Verifying Data Integrity. You can easily copy back the Archives and open them. I have asked you to delete files, so be VERY certain you have backed them up.

I I remounted the DB and it came up fine without them.

I assume they were made during some bad migrations we were working on at the time they were still around.

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