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Tools category section below includes annotated links to Web authoring / HTML editors, reviews, and other resources, along with links to HTML reference charts, cleanup and conversion tools, automated HTML tools, and HTML validators. Note that some tools include HTML editors will generate the HTML markup for you, such as Dreamweaver and Front Page above, and so will publishing programs and content management systems (CMS).

That’s the problem that validation tokens, as specified in the ETag header, are designed to solve.Unfortunately, the browser can't use the previous response because the response has now expired.At this point, the browser could dispatch a new request and fetch the new full response.Large responses require many roundtrips between the client and server, which delays when they are available and when the browser can process them, and also incurs data costs for the visitor.As a result, the ability to cache and reuse previously fetched resources is a critical aspect of optimizing for performance.

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The server generates and returns an arbitrary token, which is typically a hash or some other fingerprint of the contents of the file.

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