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Predefined styles include "Stream," "Object," and "Tree." More styles can be created by calling scripts.As a lot of other modules are based on XML:: Parser, I think it's worth mentioning a couple of peculiarities that may surprise the newcomer (and believe me, they will bite you! More information on how to use XML:: Parser can be found in Using The Perl XML:: Parser Module by Clark Cooper, in XML and scripting languages by Parand Tony Daruger, and on Perl Month.It can be used to process other kinds of simple XML documents.One limitation of XML:: Simple is that it does not grok mixed content ().XML:: DOM XML:: DOM is a Perl implementation of the W3C's DOM Level 1, plus some extensions.It is one of the most widely used Perl XML modules, and the de facto standard for XML transformation with Perl. A more detailed introduction to XML:: DOM can be found on Perl Month.XML:: DOM is based on XML:: Parser, and offers a SAX interface.It is distributed as part of the libxml-enno bundle.

It's interface is more perlish than the DOM one, including the capability for creating visitor classes on a Grove.

XML:: Twig XML:: Twig offers another tree-oriented interface to XML documents.

It allows loading of only parts of the document in order to keep memory requirements to a minimum.

Validator is a simple application that parses an XML input file and reports validation errors to STDERR in the same format as onsgmls so that it can be used for example in Emacs locating the errors in the source file.

The Validator sample parses an XML file and prints any errors to STDERR.

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