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Also, Phoebe has recently deleted photos of her and Paul off of her social media pages.

Andddd you know what that means – the couple is headed for or already in splitsville!

We wish both of them the best at what can only be a very difficult time.

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but love is always in the air; which is a sentiment that seems to ring true especially for stars of the CW.

This insider claimed, "They definitely broke up." This is so sad! The pair hasn't been spotted together reportedly since December 20, 2017, where they were visiting Phoebe's family in Sydney, Australia for the holidays.

The pair met on the set of back in 2012 and started dating the following summer. There's been no real reason for their break up just yet.

Will they be making out a ton or is there heartbreak in their future?

“Caroline’s getting more and more pregnant so those babies have to come out at some point,” Dries says. One of my favorite scenes is coming up in [this] episode, directed by Paul Wesley.But prepare yourself for some real heartbreaking, tragic Defan revelations in the hour. Plus, Stefan is still dealing with the aftermath of his Phoenix Stone trip. “With Valerie, she has become this third wheel in the Caroline/Stefan relationship.Not necessarily because she’s prying into their relationship, but just as default because they need her and they need her magic,” executive producer Caroline Dries says. That’s probably not good for Stefan and Caroline’s relationship.Even though Bonnie knows Damon almost killing her wasn’t his fault (he was just leaving his own personal hell and didn’t know it was real, obviously), that doesn’t mean she’s all too keen on spending time with him right now. When oh when is poor Matt Donovan ever going to get some romance?She’s got other problems on her plate—namely, helping Matt clear out all the new, unwanted Mystic Falls residents. We’re going to see a hint of what’s coming for him in tonight’s episode, but we’ll soon find out that something is going to propel Matt onto a new path entirely. “There is a character that we haven’t seen yet in the flash-forwards. “And we’ll start to understand why we haven’t seen him yet, and what’s going on with him in three years in the future.

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Stefan is determined to help Damon come to terms with his new reality (the Phoenix Stone’s hell isn’t over even when you leave it) as well as the new Mystic Falls.

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