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Microsoft turned off the chatbot, and deleted offensive posts, and now they're making adjustments.

If only it were that easy to adjust the rest of humanity online.

Sony announced it will be making Play Station games for IOS and Android app stores and it will use the characters from existing Play Station games.

But it's only for mobile devices in Japan and Asia for now.

But with the speed of dial-ups being as they were and that blood was cheaper than megabytes of bandwidth and most importantly women never did cam-chat unless she was speaking to a man with whom she already had two children, the chance of visual affirmation was about as much as that of Venkatapathy Raju winning a Mr. As chat rooms became voice-enabled, communities started to build around Chat rooms, with people fighting for the mic, some singing, some emitting sounds of doubtful provenance, and some shouting random abuse in colorful language for no good reason. With picture albums that were open for public viewing initially, one could spend rainy afternoons surfing through real pictures of women, and then, send them scraps asking for “fransip” with the goal being to evolve the “fransip” into “labhsip”.

It was organic, it was funny, it was fun, and yes, once in a while, people did find that perfect match. , the company itself began to die under the onslaught of Google. Chat had become like Sealdah station , not maintained, left to rot and with suspicious people hanging about, looking here and there. So they began flocking to the next big thing, social networking. Sure the English was bad, and ppl missed vowels and used caps and small letters indiscriminately, and neologisms like “hottings” and “nottings” (the latter being considered a portmanteau of “naughty things”) were indiscriminately coined, but one could not mistake the genuine bonhomie and desire to connect across boundaries of space and time, and no where was this better expressed than in the albums of pretty women who would wake up in the morning to find scraps left by total strangers of the type “Nice lag. ” But then somewhere down the line, Facebook opened itself to the world, with its better user interface and its locked down albums. It was that its owners never figured out how to commercialize them. Things no longer existed for the sheer pleasure of being there. Yet the two shall remain, in our memories, in hours of lost productivity, in seconds of strategic screen-minimizations,in floating scraps of conversations and in shards of indescribable delight.

Parents do not let your teenage AI chatbot join twitter. But in a matter of hours, Tay went from a Sweet and sassy online teen full of memes and emoji dreams.

According to a report from re/code siting anonymous sources, Apple is working on plans to let people shop on mobile websites.

By using their fingerprint to validate a purchase on the phone.

Right now Apple Pay is used inside of apps but not on the web with Safari.

Yeah, Twitter is gonna be the reason our planet is blown up.

So, on a lighter note Let's talk about video games.

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Perhaps they wanted to experience the sensation of being wanted, a sensation many used to a life of lonely desperation never quite experienced.

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