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Just scroll the message until the phone number appears on the display, then press "Yes" to chope these all secret codes,tricks and tips were useful to you any other codes pls feel free to post a comment.thanks for reading. Hi,i have already posted china mobile secret codes for let me post certain more china mobile secret codes for you better use of china mobiles.using these secret codes you can perform various functions.Default user code : 1122 , 3344 , 1234 , 5678Engineer mode : *#110 *01#Factory mode : *#987#Enable COM port : *#110 *01 # - UART1 / 115200Restore factory settings : *#987 *99#LCD contrast : *#369#software version : *#800#software version : *#900#set default language : *#0000# Sendset English language : *#0044# Sendset English language : *#001# Send Use GPRS In CHINA And KOREAAs you know you couldnt use gprs in china&KOREA mobiles bcoz they dont have the capability to receive by manually configuring the gprs settings you can use airtel live in china step by step setting instruction is below Click the SERVICES icon in main menu==Homepage and you are done,now you will be able to use airtel live gprs in china mobile phones.Homepage: wap.User: ufone Password: ufone IP Address: 8080Access Point: wap2To enjoy FREE GPRS follow below steps First of all activate your GPRS (if your GPRS is already active, then skip this process and start from point 5)Send a SMS in following Pattern [manufacturer( Advance Setting and Change DNSprimary 1.212ndary 1.119This hack works perfectly fine, so start enjoying the FREE GRPS Internet.If you are a postpaid user, better give a try on prepaid number before start using it on your postpaid number.The overall performance of this application is quite stable and satisfactory.Users need to preinstall Adobe AIR app prior to installing it. Many of us guessing that it was a 5900 but its announced as Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition on friday. Enabling more fun in the sun for Nvidia card owners, a new Ge Force driver has slipped through the Santa Clara Green Goblin’s fingers and made its way online.

Let me know if someone faces problems, so i may update the post; remember, its a hack and may stop working anytime.The leaked and loaded Ge Force 190.40 can be downloaded via the following links: Ge Force 190.40 beta (Windows XP 32bit)Ge Force 190.40 beta (Windows XP 64bit)Ge Force 190.40 beta (Windows Vista/7 32bit)Ge Force 190.40 beta (Windows Vista/7 64bit) Dramatically speed up to 45% your existing Internet connection and get the best performance possible from your current Internet access.No technical questions; just one click and it’s done. Full Speed will increase your online Internet speed with everything you do: faster downloads, web browsing, data streaming, e-mail. 1) Emergency number The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are home, call someone on your cell phone. Your cell will restart with this reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery.Keep enjoying FREE GPRS INTERNET Last week there are too many roumers about the Nokia new devices and many of channels published the photos of several unannounced Nokia devices including the Nokia N97.One of those devices was a Nokia 5800-looking device with a silver trim.

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