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Q20 - What do I have to do if I cannot check the validity of the VAT number of my customer?

Q21 - Austrian VAT numbers have an "ATU" prefix, but the Commission´s web site only provides an "AT" prefix for Austrian numbers.

Taxable persons making the intra-Community supplies report the total supplies in the relevant quarter to each taxable person in another Member State on a recapitulative statement which is submitted to the tax administration of the taxable person making the supply.

Q24 - Where can I obtain more information about the EU VAT fiscal administration? When you need to verify the VAT number of your customer in another Member State through VIES on-the-web, this request will be sent, through a secure connection, to the relevant national database to check if the given number is recorded there. Suppliers of electronic services, such as anti-virus updates are obliged to charge VAT on the service.

If the purchaser of these services is a taxable person, then in certain circumstances, it is the customer, rather than the supplier who must account for the VAT.

The tax administration that has to be contacted is always the administration that has allocated the VAT identification number for which mistakes or incorrect data are encountered.

This tax administration can be identified by the country prefix that precedes the VAT identification number.

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Q12 - What do I have to do if my own VAT number appears as invalid?