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After three months the cider is distilled and clear spirit is trickled into either Sherry, or new Hungarian or French oak barrels. I’ll stop it right now, last time I remember I still had a sourish feeling even after I brushed my teeth two times. Palate: quite balanced like a rather good Speysider, but it’s still quite MOTR. Honey, courgette flower, crème brûlée, some lavender. Murray rated it 88, and Jackson 81, and that’s another league! The finish is quite short, making the whole quite unenjoyable. Nice but really lacks complexity, especially when compared to a Calvados. I guess it would have been better with a few more years, but it’s perfectly done for such a young age. Lots of odd aromas: parsley, dill, rotten orange, old wood, cardboard, dried Chinese mushrooms, fresh pepper… Again some weird tastes: fruit spirit, cheap Cognac, old wood, burnt cake… 75 points According to fellow malt maniac Ho-cheng, from Taiwan, that means ‘Red Star King’s Liquor’, and it’s a very famous and popular liquor. First mouthfeel: again, almost the same as #1, just a little more ‘dirty’. First nosing: we’re along the same lines again, if this one is a little more ‘stylish’ and quite cleaner. White Box Dating® is wholly managed and owned by Friends Worldwide Inc., one of the world's leading online and social discovery companies.We offer our partners the ability to create their own fully populated turn-key private label dating site or network built around a diverse variety of 100 verticals including professions, lifestyles, ethnicities, appearance, sexual orientations, interests, activities, and much more..tech experience required. Yes, this time, it’s like if they’d already poured some dry vermouth into some gin! It’s already got a nice dark straw colour, despite its young age. Well, I feel this one deserves 69 points, but no more. Long finish, getting a little woodier and dry after one or two minutes. The coastal notes really make me think of a young cask strength Bruichladdich, or perhaps a Clynelish or a Bunnahabhain. I especially like her songs 'Veni Vidi Vici', 'One Hell of a Life' and 'Marietta'. I can’t wait to taste their single malt, to be launched in… From Germany: I’ve heard good things about this new Bavarian single malt. It’s distilled twice in a 450 litres pot still, and then aged in some new American oak casks exclusively. The palate is quite powerful, with some spirity notes, a lot of fruit (melon, gooseberry, kiwi, rhubarb) and quite some wood. What's even funnier is the fact that I saw this bottle in Turkey, just next to its 'regular' version. I like her songs which gather some slightly Celtic influences (no wonder, her name is Briton), some catchy folk-rock ala Natalie Merchant and a haunting voice. Launched in 2013, is free to use and contact any members you feel like.We offer VIP features to help our customers get more out of their time with us.

Whereas rum is produced from the molasses made from the sugar cane, Cachaça is produced directly from the juice of the cane. Yes, very good when neat, but let’s add a few drops of water… Please do the same if you like Jim White as much as I do. Its colour is very pale, and the nose is very flowery (lilac, lavender, lily) and quite grainy and malty. Watch Pat Bianchi in the future, he's the less famous - and the youngest - player in the band, but he's absolutely great. Again, some orange juice, a little caramel, a little tannins an some notes of old cardboard. Yes, being pretty doesn't obligatorily lead to some spineless pap... Starts with some perfumy notes (Muscat) and develops on pear, sure, but also on apple. As a matter of fact, Nick Morgan, Diageo’s Marketing Director for classic (and premium! Nose: light and fragrant again, not that different from the Speymalt Macallan. Should be a good benchmark – too bad I haven’t got any Flora & Fauna anymore. The orangey notes grow bigger and bigger, and it makes me think of John Glaser’s ‘Orangerie’, or of some Mandarine Imperiale liquor. It must be a cheap Highlander or something like that. Her creative singing makes me think of a blend of Fiona Apple, Lisa Germano, and even Sarah Mac Lachlan. Even better than her CDs, her quite recent show on KCRW. Looses a little consistency and balance after a while, and gets a little spirity, with some ‘dirty old wood’ notes. This one’s much better that its Georgian counterpart, but it still can’t be the one the apparatchiks were sipping. Gets more and more spirity after a moment, while the pear notes vanish. Bt W, I’m sure it’ll make a great dressing for a pizza! That’s all for today – my palate’s already completely broken. ) malts, just advised me to have a listen to a rather obscure singer from Florida, named Jim White. Definitely cleaner and fresher than blind #1, and without the offbeat notes. Too bad I don’t get any of the ‘coastal’ notes, nor any smoke. From small beginnings, our great team and wonderful partners have taken Free And Single to become a trusted and popular brand.White Label Dating® is the world’s leading online dating provider.

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At first nosing, it’s much closer to a grappa than to a Cognac, which might prove that the wood had little influence. Cooked butter, pear, cider apples, and finally a little wood and some brunt cake notes. Let’s check whether the spirit has the same characteristics now. If it’s aged, it’s aged either in steel tanks or in glass. I’m sure one could drink two litres of it when chilled. Man's creativity has no limits, and that's a good thing - sometimes. Well, I guess that mustn’t be too bad when mixed with some lemon juice and chilled, on Copacabana beach, while listening to Chico Buarque… Its colour is plain white, and at first nosing it’s full of anise and slightly ‘burnt’ notes. You can feel just a few fruity notes on your tongue, but other than that, it’s just pepper from Pepper’s. This title itself says long about White’s almost Dadaistico-pataphysical (eh? What strikes me as well, is the fact that besides his great lyrics, inspired melodies and interesting ‘collage’ techniques, he never sounds exactly the same, unlike so many other singers. You can really feel it’s the same distillery, or even the same age, but the first one was dirtier, while the second one was much cleaner.

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