Whitelabeldating cname tips on dating a guy

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Whitelabeldating cname

This is because we cannot guarantee our IP will remain the same forever. Clicky is contstantly being updated with new features, and you'll definitely want to know about them.If our IP does change and your white label breaks because you set it up as an A record, we cannot be held responsible for any outages. Whenever we release major new features, we always blog about it.By default this option is enabled for new white label accounts.There is no extra charge for this, so we highly recommend using it.

We have a secondary generic domain name, staticstuff.net, that points to our CDN and also supports HTTPS.The API also lets you make your system open, if you wish.Using the API, you can create pages on your own web site that talk to our API, so you can have new users register and add new sites to their white label.In your white label admin area, you have the option to use this for tracking instead of your branded domain.(This only applies to the tracking code that your users install on their site, and nothing else).

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If you decide not to do this, however, then we recommend putting a copy of the tracking code file on your own CDN.

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