Who is darlene ortiz dating

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Who is darlene ortiz dating

Darlene’s name might not ring bells in contemporary Hip-Hop circles, but her image is indelibly implanted in Hip-Hop history and permanently linked to the success of L. For most, Darlene started out as the beauty gracing the cover of Ice-T’s debut, Rhyme Pays.

But Darlene’s legend was solidified on 1998’s Power, where she wielded a shotgun in a white bathing suit next to her man.

It’s getting kind of getting monotonous with the songs and themes. But for a while there it’s was pretty harsh, pretty rough. All Hip Hop.com: It’s pretty out of balance right now.

DO: I can’t knock that [type] of music, like your Soulja Boys I look at it like back in the days when Tracy was coming out and hitting on the scene you had your different genres to.

I’m exposing so many people to it that may have never heard it otherwise in my classes, they love it. They say, “Wow I never knew about Lil’ Wayne” or things like that.

I love exposing and opening peoples’ mind to it because a lot of times people are afraid of it.

I’ve dated a couple of people who weren’t quite up there in the industry.I’ve been slowly adding more and more time on to what I love do, and that’s training. That fills my days up, and I love that because I can still pick and choose the time that I want.I got class here, class there and that’s it, I can either add or take off and I love it.I’m Mexican so even back in those days, that was ’85, I got a little bit after the album came out but in the beginning I didn’t get too much.All Hip Hop.com: When you ran away from home, was that just something you did or was that with Ice?

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