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They have made some of the most historic movies in the business.Now I can help contribute to that legacy by making films that are inspirational, positive and faith-affirming and I’m really excited about that.Risen Magazine: What was it about movies and the entertainment industry that made you want to pursue it as a career?De Von Franklin: It’s the power of imagination coming alive onscreen and seeing stories that capture the awe and the wonder of life.De Von Franklin is a studio executive described early in his career as a wunderkind and whose production credits include box office hits like “The Karate Kid” (remake), “The Pursuit of Happyness,” and faith-based titles like “Heaven Is for Real” and “Miracles From Heaven” to name a few.As President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment, he recently signed a multi-year deal with 20th Century Fox for future films.

RM: Getting into the film school at University of Southern California became your main goal, but when that didn’t happen you still felt like the Lord was telling you to attend USC. It felt peaceful like this is where I am supposed to be and I didn’t have that feeling when I was at UCLA.RM: Meagan, you started acting at the age of four, which I would assume means you had to rely heavily on your family practically in terms of getting to auditions and encouragement through the process.What did your relationship with your parents and siblings look like?How did this come about and what is one thing you learned from your time with them that you still implement today?DF: One thing I learned is that it is about a work ethic.

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