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You can only stop behavior that was hurting people and apologize for it and try to continue to be a better person.

“I like to think — and maybe this is flattery that I can’t afford — that, I’m a better person, not the person that caused so much pain for so many people.

Days later, he apologised to Regina Lasko, his wife and mother to his now 14-year-old son Harry, for the hurt he had caused.

Suspicions that Jay-Z has strayed during his marriage to Beyonce grew after the Queen Bey dropped Early in their Next Guest conversation, Letterman joked that Jay-Z was his "twin," but it isn't until their chat nears its end that the host brings up their overlapping transgression.

That headline probably sounded shadier than it was intended to be, but it’s also accurate.

David Letterman's never looked so happy to NOT be hosting the 'Late Show,' and told us ...

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A guide to the most bizarre celebrity mystery of 2018 * According to Lemonade, are Beyonce and Jay Z over? An Investigation"I did something that I had no business doing, and I regret it, and since then I have tried to acknowledge that mistake and be a better person," Letterman says, without giving specifics of the incident.

But, at the time, the pain that I caused myself was the fear that I had blown up my family, that I was gonna be in a situation where I would see my son every two weeks, my wife would be dating Scott, the dentist from New Jersey.

“I would go to therapy, and I would talk to people about this situation and they would tell me various things to just get me out of the office, but I never talked to a person who had had been in that situation,” he added.

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