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I started reading up on her, and I was struck by the fact that she wrote poetry and put it to music, which is what I do.

I’ve really been inspired by her as an overall artist – she paints, she draws, she writes, she makes music.

She was backed by a really talented band, and genuinely seemed to be enjoying her time on stage which automatically brings any performance up a level.

Her voice is angelic, effortless and beautiful, making her a fantastic addition to the many stage of Sunday Sessions.

I like original ideas, original sounds.”An increasingly packed tour schedule requires Aplin to carry her favorite music with her on an i Phone, but on those rare occasions when she's at home, she loves to sit down and lose herself in her vinyl collection.

"Vinyl has become trendy," she notes, "but I see a real upside to it: Young people are discovering or rediscovering the joys of the album.

Joni has so many brilliant albums, but I especially like Blue.

It speaks to me lyrically, musically, emotionally – it’s just a complete experience.“When I first heard it, it was as though I saw myself in Joni.

An EP of the same name has just been released in the US - it can be purchased at i Tunes.She's only 21 years old, but acoustic folk-pop sensation Gabrielle Aplin is clearly an expert on the music of he '60s and '70s.When asked to compile her picks for "the records that changed her life," she leaned heavily on discs that predated her birth, some by almost three decades.“I do like a lot of older albums, but it’s not as if I had to go back and study them," Aplin says.Pepper when I first heard it – I just thought it was so weird and colorful.It’s amazing that such a huge band could be so bold and experimental.

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