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It was no less than ten minutes later that Anthony walked into the room Sohinki and Jovenshire were in with Ian following closely behind."Hey guys, we're gonna head out now," he smiled as he leaned in the doorway."Alright, later dudes. I suck at remembering people's names when I first meet them.""Just remember if you see a guy who's shirtless with a unicorn with a laser beam tattoo you'll know it's him," Sohinki laughed. They both grabbed their cups and went to join the others."Sir? "Sohinki snapped out of his shock and realized the cashier was talking to him. " His longtime Clevver Games costar and friend asked."Ian called Anthony 'babe' when they were ordering! They didn't seem to be getting close anymore Sohinki noticed, but they were still all having a good time cracking jokes and answering Twitter questions.

We still have a bit more to finish up here," Sohinki explained looking across the room to Jovenshire, who nodded. ""Actually," Ian piped in as he leaned more into the room, "Anthony and I were talking about filming an episode of Lunchtime with everyone if you're interested. " Sohinki asked, thinking through what he needed to get done. Anthony gave Ian a questioning glance and Ian whispered "That's Lasercorn.""Oh! He almost swore he saw Ian blush when he laughed and Anthony give him a sideways glance but it was instantly gone when their laughter subsided. "They walked out side by side and were mumbling and giggling as they left. "Oh, uh yeah..."He ordered and when everyone got their food he quickly pulled Lasercorn aside as they began walking out."Dude! Maybe having everyone together in the same room discouraged them from showing affection.

It was still all about video gaming thankfully but with a slightly different crew now.

When he first met Ian and Anthony they were absolutely thrilled to have him on the team along with Jovenshire and Lasercorn. Find out more about who they are and stuff.""David's seen a lot of Smosh videos before. "The more he thought about it the more ridiculous it started sounding."Yeah," he laughed. I know they have girlfriends."Was he the only person who noticed it or was he just seeing things that weren't there?

Their leader fought valiantly, but it wasn't enough to save his team from their most certain demise. Once again, team Condor had swept the floor with their rivals and were giddy with excitement for their coming punishment."Well, since you guys failed miserably at Modern Warfare, we get to shoot you guys with guns! " Ian, team Condor's leader declared, triumph evident in his voice. The Condors lined up in front of them, relishing every moment of their friends' defeat.

The lovable team Super Condors lined up against the wall farthest from the T. Lasercorn shook his head at Sohinki, and in his Riot Shield Man voice said to him, "I am very disappointed in you Knife Man Guy.

Ian was winning the race so far but Lasercorn was closing in at second place."Oh you fucker!

" He yelled out when Lasercorn came up behind his car and attacked him from behind with a red shell."Bet you didn't see that one coming, did ya?

Matt Sohinki on the other hand, gave her a mischievous smile and turned back to the game. Guy threw a knife into Joven's character, not only killing him but also ending his killing spree."It was " He emphasized 'knife' "knowing you Joven!" Team Super Condor's responded to this kill with an ear piercing, "KAKAW BITCH! The Jovenshire screamed some sort of promise of death to Sohinki, but Matt just laughed and winked at Mari- 'Wait, did he just wink at me? Or did he mean it in a friendly way, like I've got your back or something? ' Her thoughts were interrupted by another gun shot and a victory screech from a certain single gamer."GOD DAMN IT JOVEN! ""Ah, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun now would it? ' He chuckled nervously and tried to keep his eyes on the screen and off the small Japanese girl. Someone would kill Mari, she would scream at them for a while, she would respond, get killed again, then Sohinki would come to the rescue." He flashed her an evil smile and she glared at him. Unfortunately for team Super Condor, fate was not on their side and they were down by twenty kills with only a minute left.I fell in love with this couple during one of the first few Game Bangs and have been a supporter of it ever since. nothing would really be different because I would just let Ian and Anthony do their own thing. " The famous Mari Takahashi screamed at her gaming friend.This will be some-what of a short story, and it will contain some fluff, so beware ye who reads. Master and Apprentice A Smosh Games Fanfic Marhinki Chapter 1: Jovenshire the Killer'No ammo, my team's on the other side of the map, and there's a crazed psychopath after me. Sure she could destroy him in Halo, but Modern Warfare 3 was another story.

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Mari has been apart of Smosh for a while now and won't be kicked off anytime soon, so instead of firing Mari, Sohinki is chosen to become a teacher for her. Hey everyone, welcome to my first story on fanfiction!

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