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Why not - other big stars are begging their agents to find them a good role in an indie film - brings them cred, and balances out the huge $ they make on big studio films. I'll give her this: as with most A List stars and those aspiring to get there, she has perfected the skill of taking while conveying absolutely nothing. Ridicule Zsa Zsa Gabor all you want to but give her her due.

She needs to take a risk, and bring herself down a peg, so people relate to her again. At least she had something interesting to say when she was on Carson. Funny that you don't remember her portraying herself as a victim because that was the best acting Aniston ever did.

She came across as exceedingly self-absorbed and neurotic. As I was reading it, "high maintenance" were the words that popped into my head.

At one point, she devoted an awful lot of time to discussing how getting a haircut (to shoulder length) put her 'round the bend.

Aniston has had work done, but her looks haven't morphed into a typical Hollywood cookie cutter face. Aniston's constant tabloid presence makes her too accessible and she has become a target for resentment.

DL has more than its share of posters who enjoy saying, "How dare she? I've watched that particular brand of indignation manifest itself over Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and Jennifer Aniston. I don't feel the need to justify my dislike for Jennifer Aniston. The first is the idea that the corporate suits who run Aveeno think I am going to buy into their notion that Aniston sets some kind of standard for natural beauty.

The last movie that I found funny and clever was Superbad. If it was only the tabloids calling her the "poor girl" who was dumped by Pitt, she sure as hell didn't say or do anything to assuage them of that notion. Jen just seems to have a big fear of anything even slightly different. I never remember hearing her complaining or bitching to the media or whatever.She began her career as a hairstyle and she's kind of back there again isn't she?She was so smug when she was with Pitt that I laughed when they divorced.Women I know who love romcoms all seem to enjoy Aniston and her movies.They don't want to watch a glamour girl or someone who has plasticized herself. The more accessible those women are, the more they seem to resent them.

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Her detractors are going to see what they want to see, whether it's valid or not. Angelina uses her fame to try and make a difference in the lives of those who are often forgotten or don't have a voice to foment change in a meaninglful way. All their hair, skin and makeup stuff is extremely high-end boutique stuff that's out of the reach of the general public unless they have loads of money. I got a new TV service about 2 months ago, it comes with a whole bunch of premium tv and movie channels, and for some reason there are a ton of Jennifer Aniston movies on ALL THE TIME (why??? I barely sleep right now, have a knee injury) so Ive been watching them at night. She gave quotes every 15 seconds about Brad strongly hinting she wanted him back and slammed Angelina as subtly as possible.

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