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We all have our fingers crossed and hope that everything works out and that we can get it made.There are small steps being taken that hopefully will lead to people signing contracts and us getting to do something, but at the moment I’m not capable of saying that it’s happening yet".Dare I say, he may just be the next George Clooney?He's never been married, and he's dated his fair share of Tinseltown's It girls like Rachel Mc Adams, Kate Beckinsale (with whom he has a daughter), ballet dancer Lorraine Stewart, and VH1 personality Carrie Keagan.That said, it looks like this is just one of those pesky rumors — at least, that’s what Lizzy Caplan is saying right now.If anything is for certain, it’s that both are single.Paul Rudd was also in the pilot, but could not participate in the series due to film projects.The pilot was used to sell the show to the Starz network.

While they met in London where Caplan was filming in January 2015, the duo first confirmed their burgeoning romance a year later by arriving to the the 2016 Prague Opera Ball hand in hand.The mother, Brazilian model Rose Costa, was dating Marsden for a few months when she became pregnant. , she said:“I still have this idealized version where maybe I’ll get to be both simultaneously. But she tailor-made her own life, picking and choosing from each category what she wanted. Now that the show is back for Season 2, it'd be natural to know if all that chemistry is palpable because Sheen and Caplan are dating in real life. Prepare for some serious disappointment, IRL 'shippers.It turns out that Michael Sheen is actually taken... Sheen's new partner in crime is funny lady Sarah Silverman.

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She is single at the moment, and she’s amazing, so men are probably lining up to date her. It’s safe to say that for right now Sheen and Caplan are just friends who get naked together…a lot.