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Then we’d go right onstage and play the song and see how other people would react to it.We’d see what worked and go back and record it again the next day.

Through it all, Franti has crossed all sorts of musical and physical boundaries in order to make music for everybody.

Spearhead’s eighth album All People, like the last couple albums, keeps pushing that message of universal humanity towards the general public, in the form of hooks that could fit onto top 40 radio and get into the heads of even those with no mind for Franti’s politics, grooves that occasionally touch the dance club and populist messages of acceptance and kindness.

The album starts with one of those messages in the title track, a Friday-night sort of song with a section that pumps the song up for the dancefloor in a way similar to a lot of recent pop hits.

I feel like for a long time, I dabbled in other sounds.

Like `Let’s do something with a reggae vibe here.’ Or `Let’s really rock here.’ But now, I write everything from the acoustic guitar up -- which keeps you honest.

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Franti’s singularly open spirit reflects his own eclectic and intriguing background.

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