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The test I used to gauge inter-rater agreement is called Fleiss’ kappa.

The result is on the following scale of -1 to 1: Fleiss’ kappa for this data set was 0.13.

The announcement was made Thursday morning on that the personal trainer was the top choice from the network — despite his unwillingness to propose at the finale.

"I feel confident in reporting that sources are telling me Peter is the next Bachelor & it will be announced soon," he tweeted.

As you can see, people weren’t very good at this task — what’s pretty alarming is that scores are all over the place, for both strong and less strong candidates.

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"If your take is 'Why is he the if he couldn't propose to Rachel in that short of time,' then you don't know how this show works." Creator Mike Fleiss quickly dashed those dreams when he provided this major hint for fans.

About a year ago, after looking at the resumes of engineers we had interviewed at Trial Pay in 2012, I learned that the strongest signal for whether someone would get an offer was the number of typos and grammatical errors on their resume.alum famously vied for Emily Maynard's final rose in 2012.Arie, 35, nearly nabbed the role on the reality dating competition last year but the honor ultimately went to Nick Viall.The dotted line in each box is the mean for each resume group — you can see they’re pretty much the same.The solid line is the median, and the boxes contain the 2nd and 3rd quartiles on either side of it.

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Going into it, I was pretty sure that engineers would do a much better job than recruiters. If they did want to interview, they also had the option of substantiating their decision, but, in the interest of not fatiguing participants, I didn’t require it.

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